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What We Deliver?

We are clients centric so our services revolve around clients requirements and are flexible enough to meet their different financial needs. Each service requires various levels of interactive sessions with clients and we are bound to assist & educate them so that they themselves can take control of their financial decisions. We provide and serve our clients on following issues besides as per his requirement

Annual meeting to check alignment of Investment with Financial Goals

Human life is uncertain so priorities also changes accordingly and we have to plan to achieve our goals even in distress situation so regular review of goals and path to achieve particular goals must be reviewed. This review summarizes your Assets and Liabilities, Contingency Fund, Family Protection, your expectations and capital requirement to achieve your Financial Goals.

Financial Planning & Investment Strategy

Each client has different financial goals and risk appetite to achieve the same so we adopt step wise action plan to implement the financial plan & investment strategy to make sure our client to remain stay on right track for his finances.

Cash & Debt Management

For same goal different Client has different affinities hence different priorities also. We work with our client to understand these issues and establish an adequate cash reserve plan and cash flow strategies to handle their major financial issues.It includes debt repayment and major purchase issues etc.

Risk Management

We are social animal and earning machine for our family so with any new financial responsibility our liability also increases. Hence we sit with our clients annually and review their risk if any adverse situation comes across life and do proper provisioning

Money Management

Most of the times client does not have adequate fund and cash flow to achieve his financial goals so we analyze whether their existing asset and its allocation is in line with his financial goals or not and advice them to utilize their resources accordingly to achieve financial goals. We also monitor their portfolios and adopt rebalancing strategies if needed to ensure the allocated asset accomplish their personal Financial Goals.


We review our client’s progress every four months and discuss through our Quarterly Review Process. We provide a report to client which summarizes the investment progress which he has made with respect to the targeted Goals.

Income Tax Planning

In context of personal finance income changes year on year basis and hence Income Tax also which impacts each element of your financial plan. We prepare yearly Income Tax projection in line with any changes occurring and plan strategy for our client which helps them to reduce tax burden not only while working but also when they stop earning. Every last quarter we review client’s income tax projections and identify opportunities for reducing tax liability, if any.

Make Client disciplined & Organized Investor

We make our client well informed, disciplined and organized investor by taking all above steps and assisting them as per their requirement whenever arises.

Ensure Wealth Investment Adviser

A1003, THE VIEW, Ramprastha City
Sector-37D, Gurgaon, Haryana-122006, India
Registration Type- Proprietorship Firm
Registration Validity- Till it is suspended or cancelled by the Board

Principal Officer:

Bimal Chandra Jha (RIA)
SEBI Local Office:
S.C.O.-127-128, First Floor,Sector-17-C,
SEBI Regional Office:
5th Fllor, Bank Of Baroda Building, 16, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001, Telephone: 011-23724001-05
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