Understand the Corporate Action- Dividend

In my previous Blog I have written about Corporate Actions, its purpose and different type of corporate actions initiated by companies to provide benefits to their investors. One most important corporate action is Declaration of Dividend for shareholders. In all public limited company post tax profits belongs to shareholders and company broadly can do two things with these profits either retain it to invest in Business or return to the shareholders. In practice company retains part of this profit to expand the business and partially distribute among the shareholders in equal proposition. This ...

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Corporate Actions and its Implications

It is good to know that day by day the number of Public Limited Companies are increasing, issuing IPOs to raise funds from the public and getting registered with stock exchange which ultimately facilitates public participation in stocks trading. For trading people must have a Demat account which holds shares and securities in electronic form. Recently the number of Demat accounts crossed the figure of 10 Crore mark and out of these five crore investors joined in the last less than two years. 30% of these accounts are from Maharashtra and Gujarat and only four states have double digit penetra...

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क्या आपने अपने भविष्य के लिए योजना बनाया है?

वर्तमान, भूतकाल का और भविष्य वर्तमानकाल का परिणाम होता है. समय के साथ साथ प्रत्येक व्यक्ति की जरूरते बदलती रहती है, हर व्यक्ति की जरूरते अलग-अलग होती है, प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के जीवन में कुछ न कुछ उद्देश्य होता है,उसे प्राप्त करने की च...

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Can’t Ignore Critical and Terminal Illness Risk

We all are aware about health Insurance Policy under which Insurance Company pays the bill amount to assured in case of hospitalization of assured person. There may be several additional features offered by different companies. Basically it covers your financial loss risk which arises due to sudden illness and hospitalization.
As per available data and experience one can observe that day by day more and more people are being suffered from critical diseases due to changing life style, eating habit, working style and hours etc, so now hospitalization and cost related to it is not a single...

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Pure Term Insurance is not advisable for all

Insurance is a mechanism to protect wealth creating machine whether it is a human life or valuable goods producing machine. Before buying insurance first of all let's analyze whether you or your machine has financial value i.e in case of lose you or your dependent are bound to face financial loss? If yes go ahead and buy insurance otherwise not.
Let me proceed with human life .Human life is asset for his family as they act as wealth generating machine for his dependent. No doubt,pure term insurance is best and cheapest product to replace income of the bread & butter earner of the family. ...

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Transfer your risk first

Risk means deviation from expectation. If it is in your favor it feels good if not then it's a problem. Being human we always want to change the situation in our favor but sometimes we fail as everything is not in our control, but we have tools to minimize the consequences. We are having different types of risks related to life, health, wealth, long life, critical illness , loss of job, loss of property, loss due to accident etc which causes emotional as well as financial loss. Emotional loss can not be compensated but financial loss can be managed or minimized. We keep money ...

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